Software developer with a strong interest on design systems, interaction, and weird websites.

The thing I enjoy the most is making comprehensive APIs and abstractions for complicated components, via composability.

Currently working

Currently working at Ace&Tate as a Frontend Engineer. Focusing on improving the codebase and design system. Collaborating closely with stakeholders to drive projects from inception to production.


Learned a ton in Colvin. Surrounded by talented individuals, helped build a great design system, and succesfully made a rebrand through it. Been part of the Growth Squad first, focusing on improving revenue and driving growth through experiments, and joined the Scalability Squad later, focusing on improving the codebase and making sure the technology was future-proof.

Past experiences

Content stadium - Using the Canvas API to create stunning visuals.

Parlam - Migrated from AngularJS to Angular. Mentored juniors (even though I was one myself).